Pleasant Paws Animal Reiki

Working animals can benefit from Reiki's relaxing touch.


Have you been looking for a way to benefit your animal companion physically, spiritually and emotionally in a simple, non-invasive way?  You can -- with Animal Reiki Therapy.  This therapy is offered in the animal's own environment.  This means no prep work on your part, no transport anxiety for you or your animal and it only takes about 1 hour out of your day.  The term “Reiki” is translated as “universal life energy.”  Reiki is part of the rediscovered fields of energy healing, using ancient knowledge and wisdom to heal in modern times.  Due to Reiki being a natural universal energy, the animals can control the amount of Reiki they wish to receive and cannot absorb too much.


Dealing with a Problem Child?  Reiki can help.



Do you have a bit of a "problem child?"  The holistic healing system known as Reiki helps animals in a number of areas. Reiki brings a wonderful emotional healing following trauma, abuse, neglect, fear and trust issues, bringing peace into even the most damaged spirit. Reiki induces deep relaxation and stress-reduction and, over time, reduces the anxiety which creates stress for high-strung or nervous animals. Reiki has the ability to repair physical illness and injury in animals and is also used to ease emotional and spiritual problems.

Hands-on Reiki is gentle enough for all animals.



Whether it is given in a hands-on treatment, from across the room or from a great distance, Reiki goes directly to the problem.  When offered before surgery, Reiki reduces complications caused by the increase of chemicals created by stress. After surgery or illness, Reiki greatly reduces recovery time. As a complement to both conventional and alternative therapies, Reiki often enhances their actions and reduces many side-effects. By transmitting this energy from the universe, through the practitioner’s hands to the client, Reiki heals deep within the being and creates a shift toward health.

For a healthy animal, Reiki should be added to your companion's routine to maintain health in every area of their life. Reiki has been used extensively for humans to enhance their lives yet the many qualities which make it an ideal therapy for animals is only now beginning to be realized. Because it is  gentle, painless, stress-free and completely non-invasive, Reiki works quite well for animals. Reiki is one of a small handful of therapies which cause harm to no plant or animal to produce its healing properties.

Reiki gently goes directly to those situations in need of healing, even if they are not known to the practitioner or the pet owner. Most animals will present the area in need of healing to the practitioner. It is mutually beneficial to the animal and the healer. Because Reiki can be given hands-on or at a distance and adapted to suit any problem that may be effecting the animal, it can be used to improve any circumstance. Even with hands-on therapy, Reiki is so gentle it will not harm injuries or surgical sites.  Reiki is safe and comfortable.


 Animals live with us as our wild neighbors, coworkers, companions and family members. They help us forget our worries, give us a reason to get up in the morning and comfort us as we drift off to sleep at night. Animals assist us, protect us, entertain us and tolerate us. They have helped us with medical research and we have built industries around them. We are careful with our animals’ diets, provide them with shelter and schedule veterinary visits and medicines as necessary.  With Animal Reiki Therapy, we can now give them the opportunity for stress reduction, faster recovery from injury or surgery, improved emotional well being and a more balanced lifestyle.

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